Concrete / Asphalt Milling & Planing

Cut and mill concrete and asphalt with the controlled removal process of the planer.

  • Mate uneven surfaces

  • Taper edges on a roadway

  • Parking lot repairs

  • Repair expansion joints

  • Concrete & asphalt repair

  • Cut drainage in parking lots

  • Clean up around larger milling machines


Planer skis are used to adjust the angle and depth by moving the right and left ski up or down. Depth gauges are visible from the cab to provide a measurement reference of each ski depth. Even on rough terrain, the planer skis maintain surface contact, resulting in a consistent cut depth.

Used in commercial parking lots, our machine has water sprayers for silica control and a HEPA vacuum to pick up the debris. It has also been used for repairs to the Port Mann, Golden Ears and Mission bridges.