Flooring & Membrane Removal

Floor removal projects call for machines that are designed to get the job done right with efficiency, power and performance. Dallas Watt Demo Ltd. is pleased to offer our customers a full line of carpet, tile and membrane removal services.

This world renowned machine stands up to the most rigorous of jobs and cuts them down to size in no time at all. We have both electric and propane powered machines to meet every clients' need and work in enclosed areas.

Very high torque to speed through the toughest projects and achieve very high removal rates for Carpet, VCT/VAT Tile, Sheet Vinyl, Glue Down Hardwood, Roofing Material, Waterproof Membranes, Sports Courts, Elastomeric Coatings & Ceramic Tile.

Fits through standard doorways and into elevators, turns on a dime, it is the perfect machine. Extremely high removal rates and 80-90% of the majority of coverings removed on the first pass.